Air Scent and Tracking Course


If the dog has a nose it can search and track. An amazing class introducing you and your dog to the art of searching and tracking. Any dog can take part in these classes and have fun and enjoyment, but all owners and their dogs will have to successfully complete the Bronze Obedience classes or already have a good standard of obedience (assessment would take place prior to the first session). This course is a fun introduction to searching and is perfect for anyone who wants to learn a new way of working with their dog.

This course is a great stepping stone towards more advanced ways of working with your dog. Dogs are able to detect scent modules in two different ways, either by sniffing the air for traces of a particular scent or by sniffing the ground or objects with the scent on it. So why not give it a go, sign up for one of our beginner classes and have some rewarding fun!


If your dog has a nose it can search

Start of with our Basic class and work on the first steps of either tracking or air scent searching. You can the progress through the initially stages and progress through to our advanced training sessions.


Obedience and working with your dog

It is important that you have a close relationship with your dog, this is also something we can help you with. If you feel you are ready for the course we are, of course, happy to meet with you and carry out an assessment.


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